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The CVRG Dashboard currently resides within CVRG Portal. The CVRG Portal is an instance of Liferay Portal that has been customized to suit the CVRG needs. So far the CVRG team has developed and integrated the tools below into the CVRG Portal:

  1. CVRG Galaxy - a tool for managing genomic data and developing workflows for data processing
  2. CVRG ECGrid Toolkit - a tool for managing, visualizing and analyzing ECG data
  3. CVRG XNAT-CVI - a tool for managing cardiovascular imaging data and analysis results
  4. CVRG Registry - a tool for selecting clinical subjects for a clinical trial

In addition, the CVRG has developed a tool to assist in searching mortality data using the Social Security Death Master File (SSDMF)

  1. Social Security Death Master File Interface - a tool for accessing the SSDMF Web Service (subscription required)

Prior work on web interface development involved an older version of the CVRG Portal, based upon the caGrid Portal, and Portlets. There were other tools that were developed using Google Web Toolkit and iGoogle. Information on those tools can be found here:

  1. CVRG Portal Administrative Guide
  2. CVRG Web Portlet Administrative Guide
  3. CVRG iGoogle Federated Query Gadget - a tool for querying across all data within the CVRG Infrastructure
  4. CVRG Decision Tree Gadget - a tool for analyzing multi-scale data in a rectangular dataset
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