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CVRG Waveform Developer Documentation

The following page is a repository of links to pages with step-by-step documentation for development and implementation of a Waveform 3 Liferay portal.

CVRG Waveform 3 File Upload Processes

The file upload portlet as deployed on the Waveform portal has been designed to allow researchers to upload multiple types of ECG files, convert them to a standard format, process data and annotations, and prepare them for further visualization, annotation, and analysis within Waveform. This overview provides a description of the upload process and details the file types for which conversion paths have been made available.

CVRG Waveform 3 File Upload Overview

CVRG Waveform 3 File Postprocessing Overview

CVRG Waveform 3 Schiller Annotation Processing Overview

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