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Implement Waveform in the Amazon EC2 cloud

The Amazon EC2 version of Waveform provides an easy way to get up and running with the software without having to install it on your own hardware. With the consent of your institution and making sure that you are following all applicable policies and laws, you can run a HIPAA-compliant instance of Waveform on Amazon's infrastructure. While the Waveform software is free as always when running on EC2, Amazon does charge for use of their infrastructure. See the Amazon EC2's homepage for pricing and more information.

Note that we currently support version 3.0 of Waveform on EC2.

Steps to run Waveform on EC2

Create an Amazon EC2 account

Register for an Amazon EC2 account, if you do not have one already.

Sign into your Amazon EC2 account

On the Amazon EC2 homepage, select My Account/Console at the top of the page. Then, select AWS Management Console.

My Account

Then, sign in to your account.

Sign In

Start creating a new Amazon EC2 AMI instance

Click on EC2 under Compute & Networking.

Select EC2

Then, click on Launch Instance.

Launch Instance

Select Quick Launch Wizard

Give your instance of Waveform a name by typing a name of your choice next to Name Your Instance. Select Create New under Choose a Key Pair and type in a name, e.g., mykey. If you are already a user of Amazon EC2, you may have a key pair defined already. Use your existing key pair by clicking Select Existing and selecting the key pair you want to use. Finally, underneath the key pair selection, select More Amazon Machine Images and click Continue.

Quick Launch Wizard

Select the Waveform Image

Next to the Search button, type EurekaCVRG, and click Search. Select the EurekaCVRG image, and click Continue.

Select AMI

Confirm settings and Launch

The next page confirms your selected machine image and its default settings. You can leave all of the defaults, and click Launch (Your account will be charged when you click this link!).

Launch AMI

If you are successful, you will see the following screen indicating that Waveform is launching:

Launch Status

Access Waveform

Click the Close button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. To access the AMI, wait a minute or so. Then, click Refresh under My Resources. You should see 1 Running Instance on the screen. Click on 1 Running Instance.

Go to My Instances

You should see the Waveform image in your My Instances list. Right-click on it, and select Connect to connect to it.

Connect to Eureka

The easiest way to login for the first time is to use Amazon's Java SSH Client. To do this, type in the path to the above certificate file in the Private key path field seen in the screenshot below. Then, click Launch SSH Client. Alternatively, click on Connect with a standalone SSH Client and follow the instructions.

Connect from Browser

Now that you have your Waveform instance running, follow the instructions on the <a href="install.html Installation page] to configure it.

Shutdown Waveform

To terminate your instance of CVRG and thus stop incurring charges, right-click on the Waveform image in the My Instances list and select Terminate.


Waveform Clinical Analytics is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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