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Hl7aECG Data Service is used to manage ECG datasets stored in HL7aECG format. It provides secure Grid enabled access to these datasets.


System Requirements

Below you will find a list of technologies used by the HL7aECG Data Service.

Software Type Vendor/Name Minimum Required Version
IDE Eclipse Europa
Development Language Java 5.0
Build Mechanism Ant 1.7.0
Dependency Management IVY 2.0.0-beta2
Application Server Tomcat 5.0.28
Virtualization (opt) vmware Workstation 6
Database Oracle Berkeley XML DB 2.4.13
Grid Framework Globus ws-core-4.0.3
Grid Middleware caGrid 1.2
Grid Service Generator Introduce 1.2

Below you will find a list of ports used by HL7aECG Data Service.

Software Component Port Note
Data Service Port 9444 This port needs to be open to the internet.
Data Service Shutdown Port 9004 This port should be closed.

Source Repository

With $CVRG_LOCATION being the SVN checkout from, the following are key locations for HL7aECG Data Service:

  • HL7aECG Data Service
    • $CVRG_LOCATION/dev/services/HL7AECGDataService
  • Test Data for Systems Tests
    • $CVRG_LOCATION/dev/integrationtest/xml/testhl7aecg.xml

Installing HL7aECG Data Service 

Installing HL7aECG Data Service

The following software must be installed to compile, deploy, and use HL7aECG Data Service

Step 1: Install Prerequisite Software

  1. Ant 1.7.0
  2. Tomcat 5.0.28
  4. Oracle Berkeley DB XML 2.4.13

Step 2: Check out source codes

  1. Check out the CVRG source code distribution from the CVRG code repository:
  2. Check out the incubator project from

Step 3: Set environment variables

  1. Set GLOBUS_LOCATION to point to your installation of Globus.
  2. Set JAVA_HOME to point to the directory where Java is installed.
  3. Set ANT_HOME to point to the directory where ant is installed.
  4. Set CAGRID_LOCATION to point to the directory where caGrid 1.2 is installed.
  5. Set CVRG_LOCATION to point to the directory where the CVRG source code is checked out
  6. Set INCUBATOR_LOCATION to the directory where the incubator project is located.

Step 4: Build Incubator Project

  1. Run "ant clean all" in $INCUBATOR_LOCATION

Step 5: Build CVRG Libraries and Services

  1. Run "ant clean all" in $CVRG_LOCATION

Step 6: Configure Tomcat Container

  1. Since all of the data services are deployed to a secure tomcat container, a user account and host credentials will be needed for the CVRG grid. Please follow the instructions at and at
  2. Modify the tomcat container for ports and security.
    1. Modify the /conf/server.xml file for service port (9444) and shutdown port (9004).
    2. Edit the /conf/server.xml and /webapps/wsrf/WEB-INF/etc/globus_wsrf_core/global_security_descriptor.xml for the key and cert locations.
  3. Edit the environment variable CATALINA_HOME to point to the location of the tomcat container currently being configured. That is the Tomcat container to which the service is being deployed.

Step 7: Deploy Transfer Service Libraries

  1. Go to $CAGRID_LOCATION/projects/transfer and run “ant deployTomcat”.

Step 8: Configure Locations for XML DB to Store Data and Attachments

  1. Modify $CVRG_LOCATION/dev/services/HL7AECGDataService/ file so that it specifies the correct location for the cqlQueryProcessorConfig_xmldbPath and the cqlQueryProcessorConfig_xmldbAttachmentPath properties.

Step 9: Deploy Service to Tomcat Container

  1. Run “ant deployTomcat” in $CVRG_LOCATION/dev/services/HL7AECGDataService

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