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The OpenClinica Data Service provides grid-enabled, secure access to clinical information. The service consists of three main components:

  1. A PostgreSQL version 8.1.11 database as the backend system. This database is built using the OpenClinica relational database schema.
  2. A caCORE SDK 4.0 generated server application. The object model for this application has been developed in UML using the Enterprise Architect system. The version 1.1 of the object model allows queries against Study and Subject information.
  3. A caGrid-compatible data service. This service allows grid-enabled, secure access to data serviced through the object model.

The new version (ver 1.2) of the OpenClinica Data Service supports querying of Case Report Forms information as well as Study and Subject information. More detailed instructions for building and deploying the OpenClinica Data Service with the new object model can be found here.

How to Build and Deploy OpenClinica Data Service.

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