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CVRG Security Overview

The CVRG Security Infrastructure leverages several components of the caGrid Grid Authentication and Authorization with Reliably Distributed Services (GAARDS). Through the leverage of the following services, the CVRG allows for secure access and manipulation of data via the web. The CVRG is in the process of expanding the level of authorization control available. The plan is to allow individuals to control access to their respective data and share it, at their discretion, with other individuals/parties.


A grid service for the provisioning and management of grid users’ accounts,

Grid Trust Service (GTS)

A grid-wide mechanism for maintaining and provisioning a federated trust fabric consisting of trusted certificate authorities,

Credential Delegation Service (CDS)

A Grid service that enables users/services (delegator) to delegate their Grid credentials to other users/services (delegatee) such that the delegatee(s) may act on the delegator's behalf, and

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