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|[ caGrid Wiki]
|[ caGrid Wiki]
|[ caGrid-1.1-installer]
|[ caGrid-1.1-installer]

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The Software Technologies and Downloads section gives a summary of the technologies which currently have been deployed/tested with the CVRG.

Services Installed gives a listing of the active CVRG data and analysis services, the ports they are running on, and the institutions which are physically hosting them.

Instructions on Deploying the CVRG service can be found Here: CVRG Deployment Instructions

Software Technologies and Downloads 

These technologies have all been deployed/tested in Ubuntu 7.04 running in VMWare Server:

Technology Version Documentation Download
Ubuntu 7.04 Ubuntu Documentation Ubuntu Download Site
Java SE 1.5.0_12 Java SE 5 Documentation
MySQL 5.0.38 MySQL 5.0.x Documentation sudo apt-get install mysql-server
Apache Ant 1.6.5 Apache Ant 1.6.5 Documentation
Globus ws-core-enum-4.0.3 Globus Documentation
Tomcat 5.0.28 Tomcat 5.5 Documentation Tomcat
caGrid 1.1 caGrid Wiki caGrid-1.1-installer

Services Installed 

Service Name Port Physical Location of the Service
DICOM Data Service 8080 The Johns Hopkins University
CredentialDelegationService 9442 The Ohio State University
Dorian 9443 The Ohio State University
HL7aECG Data Service 9444 The Johns Hopkins University
Image Data Service 9445 The Johns Hopkins University
QTVi Analysis Service 9446 The Johns Hopkins University
QTVi INI Data Service 9447 The Johns Hopkins University
QTVi Numerical Output Data Service 9448 The Johns Hopkins University
JHU SNP Data Service 9449 The Johns Hopkins University
AutoQRS Data Service 9450 The Johns Hopkins University
AutoQRS Analysis Service 9451 The Johns Hopkins University
WFDB Data Service 9452 The Johns Hopkins University
OpenClinica Data Service 9455 The Johns Hopkins University
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