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Welcome to the CVRG Wiki 

Translational cardiovascular research often involves the collection and analysis of multi-scale data sets (SNP, mRNA expression, protein expression, imaging, ECG, clinical, etc.) from each patient in large cohorts. Data are typically collected at multiple sites. The CardioVascular Research Grid (CVRG) project is creating a suite of software tools and applications that enable sharing and analysis of cardiovascular data as part of multi-institutional research projects. To do this, the CVRG team has defined a set of Driving Biomedical Projects that help identify the informatics needs of the cardiovascular research community. The CVRG team then develops software to meet these needs.

The CVRG project is supported by the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute. It is an inter-disciplinary, collaborative effort bringing together biomedical and software systems researchers. The project is based at the Institute for Computational Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with the Center for Comprehensive Informatics at Emory University, the Image Lab at Wake Forest University and the Computation Institute at The University of Chicago. The software architecture of the CVRG builds on and extends software systems developed by the participants of the project at these institutions as well as those developed in the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) and Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) projects.

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